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Computer Records
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Clare Edgeley
Chris Bourne


A "REVOLUTIONARY" concept, at least according to publisher Computer Records, has recently hit the streets in the form of a compilation of 12 popular games from companies including Bug-Byte, Quicksilva, Anirog and Ocean.

They have been released under the collective title Select 1 and the company claims that if every game was brought separately the player would have to pay about £70.00. Quite a saving.

Some of the games are ancient but in the same package you will find more recent titles which include Hunchback, Mr Wimpy, Missile Defence, Pool, Denis through the Drinking Glass and Moon Buggy.

In Denis through the Drinking Glass, the idea is to help Denis Thatcher stagger to the Gravediggers Arms to revitalise the parts that Maggie cannot reach.

In this Quilled adventure from Application Software, Denis is at his wits end - there is not a drop of booze at No 10. Escaping from Maggie's loving clutches is no easy matter and apart from the worry of being caught by the wife he has to negotiate sundry personalities as Mary Whitehouse and Ken Livingstone en route.

The player has only ten moves in which to find the elusive flask of gin which makes up Denis' breakfast. Without it he will fall into a stupor and the game will end. Delirium tremens sets in if at the ninth move Denis still hasn't had a swig.

Denis through the Drinking Glass gently mocks the Iron Lady and her retinue in a game which can be great fun.

Missile Defence from Anirog is based on the classic arcade game where you have to protect your city from a murderous alien attack. The game is quite fast, but your bomb sights move too slowly to contain the aliens on the higher levels.

Moon Buggy, also from Anirog, is a poor representation of the original game. The graphics are sketchy with an almost unchanging background, and the aliens are almost non-existent.

However, the package is very good value especially as a Christmas present. You may well have most of the games but even the three or four games which are new to you will make the package worthwhile.

Clare Edgeley

Memory: 48K
Price: £12.49
Joystick: Available for some of the games