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US Gold Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Graham Kidd
Chris Bourne

C64/128, £9.99cs, £14.99dk
Spectrum, £9.99cs
Amstrad, £9.99cs, £14.99dk

Ace of Aces

Remember Dambusters? Well this is arguably what Dambusters should have been but never quite was. Ensconced in the cockpit of a Mosquito you get to fly missions against Germany, choosing whether to intercept bombers or rockets or perhaps going for a U Boat pen or train. Half flight simulator (no landing or taking off skills called for) and half arcade combat game, this should keep potential Bigglesworths pleasantly amused - you don't have to pore over a huge manual and practice endlessly to start flying competently.


A veritable pot-pourri of gamestyles is on offer in this mission to save the world from yet another madman and his henchpersons. Pilot a helicopter to the base in the flight-simulation sequence, avoid, kill or stun the guards in the madman's den and search the buildings for clues and vital information. Once the secret plans have been photographed, fly back to base and start all over again. A secret agent game that auditions all the skills needed to join the secret service...

Winter Games

An octet of icy action games from Epyx, the sports simulation specialists. Ski, skate or take the challenge of a cresta run in a bobsled. All the gloss, polish and playability that have made Epyx leaders in the field - as much fun as Summer Games, World Games and California Games


A hit conversion of a hit arcade game. Play solo or with a friend, choosing which of the four intrepid adventurers you wish to take into the walled dungeons. Collect food, treasure and potions, kill the nasties and attempt to conserve strength for the later levels. An excellent hack 'n' slay excursion into the world of scrolling dungeons.


THE golf simulation. Until Leaderboard arrived on the scene, golf was a game that hadn't managed to fire the imagination of game players - you either had the "purist" simulations (deadly accurate, deadly boring) or the so-called "arcade" simulations (little stick men on green backgrounds). With Leaderboard, the controls were simplified, the view of the fairway given from behind the tee and the game finally made playable and fun for all.

Verdict: A good mix of gamestyles assembled from the better part of US Gold's back catalogue - a lot more user-friendly on disk, however.

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