ASP Software Ltd
P. Rawling
Strategy: War
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

Ian Hemmingway, Phil Morse, Frank Pelling
Chris Bourne

Take command of Rome and help it to survive while the Eastern Empires are causing trouble. You have the resources of the entire Empire at your disposal; used wisely, they might just stop civilisation being swept away by the warring tribes.

Frank: Attempting to quell the fall of Rome can really be quite addictive - providing you don't expect too much razmatazz-type action. A few battle scenes would improve matters. HIT

Ian: This is a good idea for a strategy game, even though the graphics aren't exactly spectacular. The map is drawn well and the result is an acceptable screen display. HIT

Phil: The inputting of all the variables is very tedious - and so is waiting for the program to make its calculations. It even responds with "Please be patient..." while it's thinking. MISS