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Richard Turner
Programming: Assembler/Mcode
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


ZX BUG is a machine code monitor and disassembler for the 16K Spectrum. The program uses hexadecimal base 16, to display numbers such as addresses and operation codes. That makes it easier to program in original code but a hex to denary base 10 convertor would have been helpful in the package.

The disassembler displays information in a series of fields, or areas, on the screen. The address of an instruction is displayed first, followed by the hex representation of operation and operand, the number to be processed by the operation. On the other side of the screen the hex is translated into mnemonic form.

The monitor part of the program will translate messages into hex and store them in memory, display register and alternative register pairs and run machine code programs.

The program is ideal for machine code beginners as it is simple to use. It is available from Artic Computing, 396 James Reckitt Avenue, Hull, HU8 0JA. It costs £6.95.

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