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Cheetahsoft Ltd
Utility: Music
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Bates
Chris Bourne

Bored with your Specdrum sounds. Can't poke any more life into them? Gone listless with the Latin Kit? Not got a sampler, eh? Can't read Simons' programs? CHEETAH proudly present the Afrokit. Generate a jungle in your bedroom. Send goodwill messages to the primitive tribes of the Ludlow rain forest (Some day I'll tell you just how primitive some of Mr Kidd's habits are, not to mention The Girlie Tipster's!!). The eight new instruments are:

Trunk: a 'double hit' deep sound, like a soggy gun shot.

Buash(WHAT!!): a high pitched snare drum/rice shaker.

Hi Conga: a good jungle sound.

Lo Conga: like the previous one, excellent stuff for Tarzan soundtracks.

Clave: two bits of wood hit together, authentically hollow.

Coconut: again hollow - like tapping your teeth.

Guiro: Crickets! could find a use in scratch records.

Whistle: Ref's whistle meets high-speed Morris Dancers legs.

The purchase of the Afrokit should certainly liven up your percussion tracks, especially at £4.99.

On the reverse of the cassette is the Kit Editor so that you can combine any of the sounds you may have to form new kits, and reverse the sound of any of them. Happy Hunting. CHEETAH are swinging from the liana at: 1 Willowbrook Science Park, Crlckhowell Road, St Mellons, Cardiff. Tel. 0222 777337.