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Zeppelin Games Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Hut! Hut! It's American Football time. So get out all your helmets, shoulder pads and boots, and don't forget to stud a rolled-up pair of socks down your pants! Fantastic American Football (quite a modest name really) is really good. It has all the options and moves of the real game with the added attraction of not getting your skull smashed in.

Choose from 28 different teams in the NFL and play through a 16 week session of games to eventually win the ultimate in American Football prizes, touching down at the Superbowl! The game allows you to do all the different moves including punt, fieldgoal, blitz and rush, with a graphical selection of directions when it comes to passing.

Graphics are hardly fantastic but do their job well. The small players are well animated and whilst they clash with the pitch it doesn't spoil the game. The only sound you get out of the computer is a hiss when the crowd cheers and the odd effect when a player kicks the ball, but no tune on the title screen.

All fans of the sport will probably love this and get hours of enjoyment. A good simulation of a fast and frantic sport.