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ZX Spectrum 48K

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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

Spectrum Adventures, by Tony Bridge and Roy Carnell, is a sight for sore eyes and it also fills a very important gap in the computer book market. It fulfils two functions. First it provides a guide to playing adventure games. It gives a general history of adventure gaming and provides details of some of the major adventure games available on the Spectrum, including The Hobbit and the adventures A, B, C and D from Artic Computing. That part of the book provides some good tips for the old and new adventurer alike, without revealing too much.

The second function is to show how an adventure game is written. The example, The Eye of the Star Warrior, was written by Carnell, who also wrote the Black Crystal and, like its counterpart, it is a graphics adventure.

The book provides a wealth of information for anyone interested in dungeons and dragons. Its authors have made the book interesting and exciting and have provided a complete text book for that aspect of software. It can be obtained from Sunshine Publications for £5.95.

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