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Code Masters Ltd
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

Those Oliver twins seem to knock out a new game about once a week. Don't they eat? Don't they sleep? Don't they surround themselves with luscious dusky young lovelies willing to obey their every command, no matter how illegal or physically inconvenient? (Doesn't look like it. Ed) Oh well, never mind, 'cos at least they're busy writing Speccy games for us mere gamesters. This one is aimed at the younger end of the market, which is another way of saying that practised Spec-chums may find it a touch dreary. Pac-Man is the inspiration here, which means 30 different-ish mazes in which Dizzy (yup, same one) runs around avoiding nasties and chasing goodies - bits of scoff, in fact - which have to be consumed before you move on to the next level. The other main inspiration is Bubble Bobble, and so anyone who really fancies playing a sort of scaled-down combination of the two will probably love it. As it's for the kids, ifs pretty easy - it's also beautifully presented and, in a splendid new step for the Code Masters empire, has neither a photograph of the Darling brothers nor a 'press' quote by David Darling anywhere on the cassette inlay. Hip hooray. For us more sophisticated mites, of course, it's snore city, but then should everything be designed for unashamed thrillseekers like us? Quite. It's not a Dizzy game, though - not in the sense that Diz fans would understand, at least. Leave it to the sprogs.