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Programming: General
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Theodora Wood
Chris Bourne


CHRISTOPHER Leigh's book Starting Logo is based on the program Spectrum Graphics Logo also published by Sigma at £17.95.

Spectrum Graphics Logo is a graphic subset of the language without the list handling capabilities of Sinclair Logo. It comes with a keyboard overlay which allows commands to be ENTERed by the use of single keys.

There is one glaring fault which overrides any other consideration. There is no way you can SAVE Logo procedures onto tape or microdrive. The only way to obtain a record is by printing them out on a printer. All very well for owners who have one, though it is frustrating to work on programs and have to type them in later for revision.

For that reason both packages are not worth purchasing.

Theo Wood

Spectrum Logo Graphics
Publisher: Sigma Press
Price: £17.95
Memory: 48K

Not Rated