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Peter K. McBride
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

The Spectrum Starter Packs, numbers one and two, are for the 48K Spectrum. They suffer from being too easy for the age range at which they seem to have been aimed. The packs do not take into account that most children looking at them are growing up in an age of electronics. They do no more than illustrate points in the Spectrum manual and show how the various commands work on the computer.

Both starter packs contain program cassettes which explain how the computer works and provide examples of the Spectrum Basic commands. Most of the information on the cassettes is dealt with in the books accompanying the packs, so the inclusion of such cassettes is superfluous.

The books could be used in primary schools, although they would be of more value as a talking-point for teachers than an aid which is given to children who are then left to learn programming virtually on their own.

The intentions behind the starter packs seem good but a little more work could have gone into them to improve the presentation. Spectrum Starter Packs, one and two, cost £9.95.Review by John Gilbert

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