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PDQ Software
Not Known
Utility: Sound/Speech
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


MAKING MUSIC from the Spectrum BEEP command seemed almost impossible a short time ago but now PDQ Software has a package called Spectsound which will turn the computer into a mini electronic organ.

The package, for the 48K Spectrum, contains a cassette, an instruction booklet, and a keyboard overlay. The overlay shows the notes which can be generated; the keys to switch to an octave higher or lower; and operation keys to generate random notes; delete notes; change the duration of a note; delete the whole tune in memory and play the tune so far in memory. The sound from the Spectrum is not amplified in any way using the package but the introductory booklet provides the user with ideas how to increase the output.

It is possible to store tunes and to load them back into the Spectrum. It is also possible to display the numbers which correspond to the BEEP statements necessary to construct the tune in a separate program.

Spectsound is excellent value at £5.95. It can be obtained from PDQ Software, Parsley Rye, Hilders Lane, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6JU.

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