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Paxman Promotions
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dominic Handy
Chris Bourne

PAXMAN PROMOTIONS, a subsidiary of the Prism Leisure Corporation, has released two 'theme' compilations - which Paul Sumner predicted in issue 45 would be the things of the future, after the success of Ocean's Game Set And Match. At £4.99 each Paxman's Thriller Pack and Sports Pack represent good value, but sadly the games aren't that attractive. The six loosely-related games on The Thriller Pack, all previously released, are more memorable for their hype than as actual games. And The Sports Pack is a poor man's Game Set And Match.

Paxman Productions
Snooker - N/R
On The Oche - N/R
World Cup Football - 71% Issue 7
Olympics - 45% Issue 5
St Andrew's Golf - N/R
Derby Day - N/R