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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Richard Price
Chris Bourne


PAIN AND nausea sweep over you as you wake. Your head feels as if a troll has been using it as a football. Your mouth is dry and, judging by the darkness, your eyes are not doing too well either.

Slowly your vision returns and you make out a dim light. The stones beneath you are damp and cold and you finally realise that you are locked in a cell. Take a look round - there is only a chair. This is Vran Verusbel's dungeon and you are in it - right up to the neck.

So begins The Final Mission, last in the Ket Trilogy from Incentive. After a blow on the head at the end of the previous adventure our reluctant hero finds himself in a tight spot and must now escape to seek out and destroy Vran the vile necromancer.

The format remains pure text. Locations are boxed at the top of the screen and the score is displayed above the description - a useful idea as you will immediately notice if you perform some significant action. As ever, the interpreter is friendly and responds with variety and occasional flashes of humour.

Edgar, the assassin bug strapped to your neck, has become quite taciturn and is very sparing with help. When his tongue is loosed he will provide the occasional clue.

Most of the time you are on your own in Vran's gloomy halls and subterranean passages. You will hear the patter of tiny feet and the crunch of giant ones behind you.

The problems are well up to standard, there is also the pull of the concluding portion of the prize winning sentence.

The Final Mission looks to be a fitting finale to the quest.

Richard Price

Memory: 48K
Price: £5.50