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Gil, Paul
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Jackie Ryan
Chris Bourne

The time: the future. The place: Earth. The scene: the M25. At least that's what it seems like, what with all the congestion on the road of this new release from Titus.

Boot up Fire And Forget and you'll find yourself behind the wheel of the Thunder Master - the ultimate fighting machine it sez 'ere. Earth is under attack from the Inter Galactic Liberation Organisation (IGLO for short) and apparently the only person who can stop the organisation in its tracks is you. (So much for the Super Powers, eh?) Funnily enough though, before you set off on your mission, your personal pocket galactical transmitter (PPGT for short) triggered a signal that set you in a trance. Just as well really, as no one in their right mind would set off on a mission as unexciting and terribly tedious (UATT for short) as this, I'm sure.

Fire And Forget sends you speeding along a monochrome scrolling roadway in your Thunder Master (an almost indestructible four wheel drive) shooting everything in your sight - mines, roadside bunkers and tanks, rocks, helicopters and the IGLO's own vehicles - they're all legitimate targets. Move left and right and blast away, but don't expect to hit too many helicopters or roadside bunkers, 'cos unfortunately your cannon is fixed. So while you're busily trying to steer your Thunder Master on wickedly windy roads, you'll find it hard to hit anything unless it happens to be in the direction in which you're trying to steer. But you have got infinite fire power, so as long as you don't take too many hits or forget to pick up extra fuel cans along the way (which look remarkably like Christmas trees to the untrained eye) you'll probably win the war. That war that is - but there are another 11 wars to go, all remarkably similar to the first.

And that's the problem with Fire And Forget. Although there's 12 wars to battle your way through before you can claim to have rid the earth of the IGLO, you simply find yourself battling against the same old enemies - only a little faster each time.

If you like scrolling roadway shoot 'em ups that have little action apart from steering and shooting, then this is the game for you. If not - don't fire, just forget it!

A lucklustre shoot 'em up car game with little variation.


Screenshot Text

Steer, aim and fire. And that's it really.