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Graeme Devine
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Passey, Lloyd Mangram
Chris Bourne

Memory Required: 16K
RRP: £5.95
This starts off with you having to shoot a flock of ballet-dancing red birds. If you're successful they return with the blue weavers, which fire lasers straight down at you. Blast this bunch and they all come back with the white bombers, moving vertically down the screen. Finally the huge mothership is taken on, but watch out for the suicidal guards! Graphics are smooth, excellent sound and great fun to play. Demo mode when not in use.

Firebirds is instantly appealing visually, with its cinema curtain opening and closing, and the brightly coloured and animated aliens. Good sound too. I particularly like the victory dance the firebirds do when you lose a life. Not easy to get to the mothership and frustrating when you're within an inch and on your last life. A good, fast game.