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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Sumner
Chris Bourne

AFTER the success of Star Games, Gremlin Graphics has quickly hit the streets with Star Games II. Now part of the US Gold conglomerate, Gremlin offers old favourites such as the very popular Highway Encounter (originally from Vortex) along with another CRASH Smash, Ultimate's Cyberun. On the same tape, in the shadow of these two giants, can be found a couple of Lucasfilm games Ballblazer and The Eidolon. Of course Gremlin also gets a look-in with the underrated and very playable Trailblazer and their Gauntlet clone Avenger.

Highway Encounter - 95% Issue 20
Cyberun - 90% Issue 28
Trailblazer - 88% Issue 34
Avenger - 85% Issue 36
Ballblazer - 71% Issue 28
Eidolon - 76% Issue 36