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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K
Unspecified custom loader

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

There was a fascinating discussion about Fireman Sam in the YS office not too long ago. Hutch was debating whether the words "Fireman Sam" would fit the theme tune to Postman Pat, and was prepared to back up his theory with considered argument and singing. Needless to say, much hilarity ensued.

All of this is completely irrelevant to the game, which finds you in the driving seat of a shiny red fire engine, hurling round the streets of, um, Whateverville. (I have to admit at this point that I haven't got any instructions, so don't know anything at all about the background to the show.) The inhabitants of Sorrynotacluetown are a forgetful bunch, and are forever leaving their personal effects somewhere in the maze of streets. In between dealing with major conflagrations and rescuing loud children with their heads stuck in railings, Sam has to chase up and recover all the lost objects. With little more than his fabulous driving skills and innate sense of direction, he's the only person who can save the day. Hurrah, eh?


Fireman Sam is a rather nifty little game, combining a fun driving bit with joystick-waggling sub-games where you pump water to put out a fire, or lever railings apart so Naughty Norman can get his head free. The lost objects are randomly placed and, with no road marking or street names, the game does a pretty good job of exercising your memory.

The graphics are clear and boldly coloured, and there's a fair bit of fun to be had whizzing around Blimeywhatisitcalledville, righting wrongs and generally doing good. Sadly though, the game has a few probs. The control method is tricky to say the least, and you'll often find yourself driving down the wrong road backwards. Strangely, the game doesn't penalise you for doing it! In addition to this, the waggler sub-games seem a mite hard, especially when you consider the age-group the game's aimed at.

Overall, I'd say that Fireman Sam is a worthwhile buy for the teenies in your life. It's fast and frantic, and very playable in the short term. In fact, not bad at all.

Good fun for the younger Spec-chum. I'd question the lasting appeal though.


Screenshot Text

Edwin and Turk were the red-hot pavement artists of the moment. Edwin would draw the pictures, while Turk sprayed water elsewhere.

The big red fire engine puttered through the streets. "Peep peep," said the big red fire engine. "Houpla, I am so happy."