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Mikro-Gen Ltd
Derek Brewster
Tactical Combat
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Neptune, 48K £5.50
Author: Derek Brewster
This version offers good value for money since the tape also contains MUNCHMAN, which happens to be a very good pac man version indeed. Neptune's Star Trek offers all the options as listed in the above review, the major difference being that it has battle plan views rather than arcade style fights with the aliens. In using the weaponry, you must enter the direction of attack (0 degrees to 360 degrees), and its strength, then sit back with bated breath as the phaser or missile trail moves across the screen towards the enemy. Instant action is required on engaging the Klingon rotters as they fire the instant you are spotted. Excellent graphics make this an engaging version to play at speeds which certainly require more than one Captain Kirk per game.