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Domark Ltd
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ZX Spectrum 48K
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Kati Hamza
Chris Bourne

If you can remember when Star Wars first came out, you probably use Grecian 2000 and still wear thermal underpants. Yup, you're a bit of an old dodderer!

So here's your chance to reminisce by using The Force and all that stuff, not once, but three times 'cos Star Wars, The Empire Spikes Back and Return Of The Jedi are now available on one compilation.

A slick little 3D vector graphics thingy this, which has you blasting the stuffing out of the Empire's Tie Fighters, laser towers and barriers before plunging into the trenches of Darth Vader's Death Star itself. Phew! Course, once you've done it you've got to start the whole thing over again but you don't care 'cos you're a Jedi Knight. Lucky that. One of the best-known Speccy games of all time, it's dated a bit but the 3D's fast and there's plenty of action.
'89 Rating: 80

Well, blow me it it isn't another one of those vector graphics jobs. Good old Tie Fighters appear in this one as well but first you've got to stop the robots sending transmissions of the Rebels' power generator to nasty old Darth. Next come brilliantly animated AT-ST and AT-AT Walkers and after that you've got to negotiate a pretty hairy asteroid field. There's just a tad more sound on this but the gameplay's even more faithful to the coin-op than on the 16-bit. The pick of the bunch.
'89 Rating: 86

Wossiss? Not a vector graphic in sight! Instead, you're slogging it out in the forest and the inside of, yep, the Death Star again. First off, you're on a speeder bike trying to blow up enemy bikes and making them crash into trees. Then you're negotiating the Millenium Falcon to the centre of the Death Star dodging Tie Fighters and watching out for energy gates before manoeuvring a Scout Walker through the forest again. It's a nifty little number this, but somehow it just doesn't match the atmosphere of the other two.
'89 Rating: 74

And that's it. If you've never seen them before, now's your chance to experience the whole kaboodle in one go. It may not be the most original thing since sherbert dips but who's complaining when you get three ultra-playable classic Speccy games for such good value?

Not bad at all even if it does cost more than you usually have to pay for a compilation. A must if you haven't already got the games.


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Blimey! It took a long time for Domark to get around to converting the old Star Wars arcade machine (it finally reached the Speccy in early '88, fact fans) and it's taken a long time for them to put it out on compilation too! Planting a proton torpedo or what have you in the Death Star garbage port (and so completing the game) is a bit of a doddle, but the action up 'til then is fast and furious.

Yet more vector graphics in The Empire Strikes Back and - spook! - the Speccy version was programmed by Leeds-based Vektor Grafix! Small universe, eh? The joystick action is a bit odd (the cursor moves up the screen when the stick is pushed down and vice versa) and again some complained that it's all a bit too easy. But that said it's perhaps the best vector graphics blaster ever coded. Yowsa!

Oi! Who's nicked the vector graphics? Return Of The Jedi is a bit of a different ball game, with heaps of fast, smooth, diagonal scrolling and nice control response, but perhaps a little short on substance. Duncan insists you watch out for the Ewoks at the end of Level One (the speeder bikes). They're "doing something that will make them go blind, or at least that's what it looks like," he confided. Blimey!