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Chris Bourne


MOST JOYSTICKS suffer one major drawback - you need two hands to work them successfully, one to hold the base and the other to move the stick. The little suckers never seem to stick to the desk.

The Stick from Lightwave Leisure could be the answer for those of you who need to use a one-handed joystick so that you can still reach the keyboard without dropping it. It is a joystick handle with four tilt switches inside and all you have to do is tilt the stick to register movement. If you prefer to use it on a desk it is supplied with a single, large, sucker which keeps it in place.

The Stick takes a while to get used to. It is not as sensitive as normal joysticks and difficult to use accurately. You cannot tell exactly when the switches are going to register. Where it comes into its own, is on athletics games, where you need very rapid left and right movement.

The main problem is that the sucker does not keep the stick absolutely upright, so when not in use it still registers. On QL games, for instance, you might find it plays the game all by itself.

Although a good idea the Stick could have been better implemented. At £12.99 it is reasonably priced but you might prefer your tried and trusty sticks a while yet.

Lightwave Leisure Ltd, 2 Maldwyn Road, Liscard, Wirral, Merseyside, L44 1AL. Tel: 051-639-5050.

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