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J.T.F. Dyer
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Micromart, 48K £6.95
The scenario promises an excellent game - your mission as a Phantom pilot is to penetrate enemy territory and bomb a specified target. Stacked against you are AA artillery, SAM missiles and enemy fighters. Entry point is at 70 miles, 10,000 feet, 90% rpm, 400 knots and 90 degree heading. Chances of attack depend on the flightpath - below 2,000 feet there's only a 10% chance of attack, which is still very frequent. The technique for avoiding total oblivion is to break (hard turn) at 4 or 86 gees and change altitude rapidly to avoid missiles. If you stick to the rules in the 12 page manual you will be able to escape every attack. The display shows a 'radar' picture with you in the centre, target to be bombed, and enemy positions. There are also details like speed, heading, rate of climb, target distance and extra messages for enemy attack. The poor variation of attack and slow display speed (BASIC) and the not too exciting graphics are a bit of a let down considering the potential, but if you are an enthusiast of RAF slang you may appreciate the extra messages as the program is written by a Fl. Lt. J T F Dyer.