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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Okay, Algie, more cabbage crates over the briney ...ack ...ack ...ack ... Boggled by Biggles? Then Bug-Byte's Flyer-Fox (any similarity Firefox is purely on purpose) might not be your cup of rosy lea. Admittedly the technology might be updated but whichever way you look at it, this is a fighter simulation that pre-dates the Red Baron in concept.

But they do say the old 'uns are the best 'uns, and at the price it provides a competent compo between you and your jet-set enemy as you try to protect a jumbo. It gives you the thrills, but don't expect the thrills.

You're given a pilot's eye view, with instrumentation giving fuel, compass, score, altitude, flight attitude and damage reports. You can't fly above 19,153 feet or, curiously below 11,024 feet. At that height you're given a simple graphic of the terrain below. Much above and it's just blue-sky - occasionally full of bandits who want to erase yer from the azure. And listen out for the passable speech effects warning of imminent attack and your damage status. They're somewhat arbitary, but that makes it more fun, eh, what, Tufty?

Though simplicity itself in its one screen format things get increasingly hectic through its six levels. So, if you figure a trigger's what fingers are for then go for it, Ginger.