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Abacus Programs
Andrew Blackburn
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Abacus, 16K £5.95
Author: Andrew Blackburn
As its name suggests, this is a Panic style dig-dug game, where you roam the platforms with your pick-axe, digging holes for the monsters to fall in. When they do, you dash up and bonk them on the head, killing them. If you fail to reach them in time they get out. Ladders connect the various levels and as well as going up you can jump the monsters. Our reviewers thought it was too simple a version to interest experts, especially as the 5 screens provide little increase in difficulty and there are only three monsters to contend with, but it is attractively ainmated and probably very good for younger players. Coming from Ababcus, its simplicity is surprising as their games are usually fiendishly hard to play. Cursor keys, joystick: AGF or Protek, average sound, but good value with a free game on the reverse. CRASH rating 62% M/C.