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Cult Games
Shaun G. McClure
Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Just take a look at this flippin' soccer game. Boring. There are no pitch invasions, no streakers and no swearing coming from the crowd - well to tell you the truth there is no crowd! Yes it's bad news, another football management game in exactly the same style as international Soccer, British Super League and Soccer 7 (all from Cult).

There are some things in this that are different to the others though. Instead of saying 'please wait' all the time, the programmers have put in `follows shortly...'. I really can't find anything good to say about this. Well I suppose the title is as original as the game itself.

The next release from them will probably be a compilation of all these soccer games, so the clever people who avoided buying them the first time round stand a chance of being caught anyway…

The loading screens on all the football games in the Cult range look like they've been cloned and reproduced for each one. Not surprisingly they are all by the same person! Surely there must be someone out there who would consider buying this (please write in), if not who do Cult think they are selling to?