Charles A. Sharp
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

This one's a bit weird - it was released by Alternative ages ago, and its a footie adventure game. Ber-limey. Having rescued it from the depths of the YS archives and dusted it down a bit I gave it a go. And, lo and behold, it's exactly like every other adventure I've ever played, but with the addition of that all-important footie element. What fun. Being a bit crap at both football games and adventures, you can probably guess what a pig's ear I made of it. Did I get past the first two rooms? (No.) It's got some quite nice piccies though, and I noticed that the vocabulary includes GROPE, KISS, UNDRESS, SOBER UP and HANG, although none of these seemed to have any results with my secretary (Ms Jones).

It's okay I suppose and, dare I say it, quite flash. Not really in the spirit of the traditional footie game though.


Screenshot Text

I dunno. What good is an office without a secretary? Those vocabulary words like KISS and GROPE were getting me quite excited...