Kevin J.M. Toms
Sport: Management
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Kevin Toms' classic game that has, in many respects, evolved little since inaugurated on the ZX81. Not that the technical details of programming matter though, because the elements that make the game great have little to do with the frontiers of computer science and a lot to do with quality of playing design.

Forget high-res graphics and smooth animation, all you'll get here are jerky figures. But no matter, you'll find yourself rooting for your stick figures over the opposition - all the usual criteria are abandoned with Football Manager.

The game is, as the name implies, one of planning and strategy. As the manager of a team (or teams) you must decide how best to allot time and money to build up the best team you can. Should you spend a lot of money on a good player, or take your chances with an untested novice who may perhaps become a champion? What formation should you play? Which defenders will you select?

The outcome of the matches your team plays depends (with a little random elements) on the decisions you make. Having made your choices you can only sit nervously on the sidelines as the Spectrum replays the key goals of the match. Try pointing out the technical deficiencies of Football Manager whose home grown team is 2-1 up in the final...

Not Rated