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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Phil South
Chris Bourne

(Spec. C64, Ams; £12.95cs and £17.95dk)

Taito has had its fair share of coin-op conversions, and to prove it Imagine has whacked a load of them on one tape, including Rastan, Slap Fight, Renegade, Arkanoid, Flying Shark, Arkanoid II: Revenge Of Doh, Bubble Bobble and the Legend Of Kage. This collection gets the vote as second best buy, on account of being choc-a-bloc with chart toppers, none of which have really aged at all - they still play better than a lot of current releases. There isn't much to choose between formats either, with the Spectrum versions being as fast and playable as the more colourful Commodore and Amstrad programs. Bubble Bobble, rated 958 in Issue 1 of ACE by the way, was a wacky old game in the arcades, and I would have to admit to rating this over all the more obvious hits on the tape as the most addictive by far.

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