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Phipps Associates
Graham T. Relph
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Phipps Associates, 48K £9.95 (1)
Author: Graham T. Ralph
An amazing program which simulates the sport of orienteering - yet manages to be much more than a sport simulation. An enormous area of geography is enclosed in the program, only a tiny bit of it already mapped for you. Included is a 12 point orienteering course for you to complete in the shortest possible time, checking each point in the correct sequence. The display shows you the terrain six metres in front and uses symbols for the different terrain, trees, shrubs, lakes, towns etc. Special point features are displayed as messages and an eye level indicator tells you whether the ground is falling or rising, so you can easily follow the contours. In addition you can go off and chart the unmapped areas. The program will draw contour and terrain maps for you or make up 3D views. A massive program, excellent value, recommended. Overall CRASH rating 88% M/C and BASIC.