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Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K
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Peter Freebrey
Chris Bourne

You can't trust anybody these days - or almost. What with spies, counter spies, double agents, triple agents, it's a relief to find someone you can rely on - Peter Freebrey takes you into The Fourth Protocol the adventure based on Frederick Forsyth's novel. Now it's up to you to find out who's on your side and who's on theirs. But you'll need all your intelligence for the task.

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From: Sir Peter Freebrey
To: John Preston, head of CI(A)

Congratulations, John, on your appointment to head of CI(A) - long overdue, old chap. As you re now in charge of security for all government buildings, it falls within your jurisdiction to investigate the following, rather worrying case. A cache of top secret NATO documents has been send to the department anonymously. It looks like we have a very serious breach of security and it's down to you to find out who's leaking the documents. And we want to know where they're going and why. There's some evidence to suggest that this leak is behind a Russian plot that we have started to uncover - but I'll keep you posted on that one, old boy.

As you're new to the department, I'll just give you a run-down on the facilities available to you. From your office you have access to the unit's central computer (Cencom). The principle options allow entry to the Cencom filing system, allocation of 'watchers', the making and receiving of telephone calls (you'll find your list of telephone numbers in the filing system) and access to three terminals that display various memos and reports. I know what you're thinking, old son; the romance has gone out of espionage. Like any other of Her Majesty's civil servants, you'll be more office-bound than Bond.

As you'll need to keep tabs on suspects, you have been assigned fifty of the department's top watchers' Make sure you target them wisely, old boy. or you'll find some of your quota will be taken away.

Well, you're on your own now, old son. As you uncover more info, you must decide what course of action to follow. You can dip into Cencom for more gen or assign more surveillance bods. Good luck and keep me posted. We must have a snifter at my club when all this has blown over.


For the attention of John Preston. CI(A)

The department's suspicions have been confirmed. There is a Russian plot afoot to explode a nuclear device somewhere in England and put the blame onto our American allies. If this is allowed to happen, the resulting political upheaval will be immense. Public pressure will undoubtedly force our withdrawal from NATO and may lead to the establishment of a totalitarian state in the UK Now that you've plugged the leak within MI5, you must use information gleaned from your previous investigations to find the nuclear device that has been smuggled into the country. On completion of your first mission, you will have been given a code-word that allows you to travel around the building and continue your investigations outside.

Take with you from the department anything you feel may be of assistance. And a piece of advice - it is imperative you keep a map of all the locations you visit. And don't try to cut too many corners - it's not a good idea to cheat London Transport when travelling by tube. Remember you are operating undercover. You'll also find several locations that can be of great assistance - once you have something to analyse...

You must act quickly - time is not on our side. The Prime Minister is watching your progress with interest.

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THE SAS ASSAULT Investigations by John Preston of MI5 have led us to this warehouse Inside are a number (unknown) of KGB agents and a nuclear device. A crack six man SAS team has been called in to defuse the situation (and the bomb) Request your choice of weapons. Also, plan of attack and instructions for making the bomb safe. Remember, time is not the only thing that's ticking away...

Inside is the nuke and the KGB. Outside is the SAS team, if you're to save Western civilisation as we know it, you're gonna have fo get in there and defuse the bomb. First arm your troops...

This is certainly a sad ending to a game with a brilliant concept. No, you can wave goodbye to Coke and Levis — it's caviar and vodka from here on in.

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When the phone rings, answer it - it's for...! Make a careful note of telephone messages as you can't file them for later perusal. You can also make out-going calls if you know the number - a TELEPHONE list may be found in Cencom. If you're rushed off your feet elsewhere, an incoming call can be put on 'hold' till you're ready to take it.

Here you'll be granted access to some of the most closely guarded secrets in the free world. You'll be able to see files transferred via the telephone from the main computer at Blenheim or reaccess memos and reports you've filed during the game.

Reports are of a somewhat more formal and secret nature than memos but they're treated in the same manner. Occasionally you'll be expected to choose a specific course of action arising from a report. A list of choices is displayed and awaits your decision. Your effectiveness will be assessed according to how well you handle the situation.

Sitreps (situation reports) from your team of watchers may not be very formal but they're very important. It might sound as though you've got a bunch of comedians working for you but underneath they're real professionals. Any leads derived from these sources must be followed up... and promptly

Watchers are your prime weapon - they're your eyes and ears whilst you're in the office. At the start you are assigned fifty of these highly trained men and women - chameleons who can blend into any background as they stalk their prey! But only by assigning watchers to suspects at the right time can you be sure of learning who is doing what to whom, where... and when.

Read these carefully and make notes of events and names mentioned for possible future action. If you reckon you'll want to read a memo again, file it in the Cencom filing system - you choose the file name. A stacking system operates with memos, so you must trash the top one before you can read the next.


Anything and everything can be of use to a good spy. This icon lets you get your mitts on the goods But be careful - it s all too easy to drop an object by mistake

Now you're out of the office, this icon is pretty necessary for letting you get out and about. You're offered five immediate options: enter or leave doors, travel up or down stairs, or walk in one of four compass directions, reached via a sub-menu.

Now you wouldn't expect to find a telephone on a tram would you? That's why not all of the options are available to you at all times - only when they're highlighted can you access them.

Here you can take a general look at your surroundings, examine a specific object at that location, an even closer look at objects in your possession to see how useful they are at each point in the game and a general inventory.