Mikro-Gen Ltd
Not Known
Adventure: RPG
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Producer: Midrogen, 48K £5.95
This is a game in which you must find the pieces of your craft which have been scattered throughout time owing to an accident in warp-space. Thorughout your quest you must defend yourself from the inhabitants of that time such as a bunch of Roman soldiers in 137 AD. The screen displays your attackers, weapons you may pick up, and the salvagable bits of your craft as well as yourself. To the right is a status table and below a series of text options which are activated by pressing the desired initial letter. These options allow you to move across the screen, choose the direction, and attack, pick up, change weapons and so on. The game has very limited graphics and is neither arcade nor really an adventure. It claims to be in real time (a clock ticks away with every move made) but as it's staged across eons of time this is scarcely possible. Poor. Overall CRASH rating 33%. BASIC.