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CDS Microsystems
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

This is a French learning package with considerable versatility although it only teaches some basics, phrases and words which may be helpful to beginners and tourists. The program is menu prompted offering; The House, The Countryside, The Beach, The Cafe, The Street, The School, Numbers and Time. Whichever topic is selected you are then presented with four options;

1) Pictures only - which provides graphics, slowly building up, each new item annotated at the top in English and French: 2) Pictures with test - the graphics are repeated and you may opt to type in the French when the computer prompts with the English, or vice versa: 3) Phrases only - no graphics here, but a range of useful phrases in English like, 'Is it possible to go riding?' which may be translated into French by pressing key C: 4) Pictures and phrases - which runs through the pictures again and then into the phrases with your memory refreshed.

Under Numbers, the screen displays imperial and metric equivalents whilst large figures at the top count up from 1, giving the French spelling beside them. Under Time, the display gives the days of the week and the months in English and French, displays a clock face and invites you to ask the time. You can key in a time, say 12.30, and this is then drawn on the clock face, and the French spelling for the time given.

The program contains a lot of quite attractive graphics, some with simple animation, and it will obviously be valuable for young French beginners as well as adult starters. It won't, however, do much for your pronunciation!


Not Rated

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Dans le jardin...