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Millenium Software
Kevin Cook
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Richard Price
Chris Bourne

Timesearch from Millenium Software suffers from similar problems and a few more besides. It is a Quilled game, text only, and is set in a ruinous world locked in a 'time bubble' because of a fault in the ultimate weapon - a Time Stabilizer.

Whilst that powerful weapon was being tested a fault developed which hurled all the occupants of the bubble into a time void. You are cast as the sole survivor.

The aim is to locate and de-activate the Stabilizer. To assist you in this task you must locate a Crystal of Mirrors - an object which will allow you to use past events to influence the present and force Time to give away the secrets of the Stabilizer.

I found all this a little incomprehensible at first. Most of the many locations were briefly described as villages or road junctions and very little could be made to happen in them.

The first score or so of moves is governed by the need to find food quickly. Once you have sorted out the rations you will then naturally want to explore a bit. Big problem here: the game turns out to have a move limitation and any extra wandering means that you cannot win.

Publisher: Millenium Software, 17 Whitehouse Drive, Kingstone, nr Hereford
Price: £3.95
Memory: 48K