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Cascade Games Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Andy Wilton
Chris Bourne

Cascade get traumatised.

What can you expect from a program endorsed by Grot Bags the Witch, you might ask yourself - a boring old platform game full of timing problems? Well that's what you get here alright, plus a few other niggles as well. Collectable weapons, extra jumps and the like are all very well, but half of them are practically useless while the other half are so vital you might as well give up if you waste one of them. The supposedly nightmarish graphics are really rather dull and the sprites seriously lacking in colour, leaving the program as a whole somewhat below the standard you'd expect of a two-quid game.

Reviewer: Andy Wilton

C64/128, £9.95cs, £14.95dk, Out Now
Spec, £9.95cs, £14.95dk, Out Now
Ams, £9.95cs, £14.95dk, Imminent
IBM PC, £19.95dk

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 40/100
1 hour: 40/100
1 day: 30/100
1 week: 30/100
1 month: 20/100
1 year: 10/100