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Epsilon Software
Jim Whittle
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mike Gerrard
Chris Bourne

One I can recommend because it's refreshingly different is Toot 'N' Come In from Epsilon Software. You might guess from the title that it's an Egyptian-type adventure, and one of my few complaints is the lack of instructions and information, though I'm assured that a proper inlay is being prepared. This has a touch of the Indiana Jones's about it, as you explore a series of tombs and catacombs armed only with a knife, our old friend the brass lantern and a box of matches (Swan Vestas, only three left).

What sets this game apart is the graphics, where you, as the explorer, appear on the right edge of most graphics screens, holding your lantern high, the colours changing according to the main pictures, and these are all exceptionally well done. You have to search and examine everything, including walls and passages mentioned in location descriptions, but I didn't care for the combat sequences which are a little too lengthy and tedious. Another non-utility game, so good to see there are still some of them about, and I wish I knew who programmed it so I could give him/her/them a mention.