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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


Elite, who have been relatively quiet on the game front this year, currently have two compilations in the market place under the Hit Pak label. Top Ten Collection has been out for a while now, but it's still worth a mention - if only for the chocolate box that the four cassettes come in. Only a pound a game doesn't seem like bad value for money. After all you can play all your(very) old favourites like Airwolf(a CRASH Smash) and both the Saboteur games. The attractive Critcal Mass is also in there alongside Thanatos, which is graphically impressive at first but lacks any compulsive gameplay.

If that's not enough of Elite games you can also get Volume 3 of the 6-Pak. Unless they bring out some more games soon they'll be hard pushed to produce a fourth volume! Anyway this months super six from Elite includes some real classics -and some real clangers. Let's get The Living Daylights out of the way first - it figured as one of the worst games of 1987. On the good side there's the tremendously playable Ghosts 'n' Goblins and Paperboy. You also get both of the Dragons Lair games - although Escape From Singe's Castle is the only one worth bothering with. Finally, we have Enduro Racer - one of the best race games of 1987.

Saboteur - 93% Issue 24
Saboteur II - 83% Issue 41
Sigma 7 - 62% Issue 39
Critical Mass - 90% Issue 23
Airwolf - 90% Issue 13
Deep Strike - 79% Issue 36
Combat Lynx - 88% Issue 10
Turbo Esprit - 88% Issue 28
Thanatos - 93% Issue 35
Bomb Jack II - 71% Issue 39
cassette £9.99
+3 disk £11.99