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Zeppelin Games Ltd
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Sumner, Kati Hamza
Chris Bourne

A top class mercernary has penetrated maximum security headquarters in attempt to get his hands on the secret missile plans housed in the laboratory. Taking the part of this highly trained, heavily equipped, super-fit fighter, the player battles through several multi-directionally scrolling levels in an attempt to locate the coveted blueprints.

The enemy camp is brimming with soldiers, armoured tanks, motorbikes and jeeps. Pillboxes and trenches belt out a constant stream of bullets and enemy grenades hurtle through the air. The mercernary's initial arsenal of grenades, mines and bullets can be improved by collecting the additional supplies scattered around each part of the camp.

Although major injury is immediately fatal, the player can withstand a limited number of bullets. His decreasing energy rate is indicated on a status display which also shows the current score, number of lives left and amount of ammunition remaining.

Each level hides an access pass. Once found, this gives admission to the laboratory which in turn provides information for entry to the next round and another step towards the much-needed plans.


'I can't say that this is the sort of game that I'd have chosen for releasing as my first game on the Spectrum, but Zeppelin have done it - and I dare say they sell a fair few despite its poor quality. Everything about Frontline is just not up to the mark. The grpahcis are acceptable, but could have been improved - the sound likewise. In fact the only impressive part of Frontline is the presentation, which is colourful and informative. There are many better shoot 'em ups at a budet price (U.C.M. for example). Frontline is just more run-of-the-mill stuff.' PAUL ... 45%

'Frontline is extremely well presented with a colourful title screen, scrolling hint messages and a sophisticated status display. Unfortunately the central graphics don't quite match up to the promise of the front end: the sprites are blocky and despite a few splashes of colour, most of the combat zone has been dipped in an unpleasant shade of yellow. Although gameplay is very reminiscent of Ikari Warriors, the search and find element just saves it from total obscurity. Charging through the undergrowth at breakneck speed is initially quite addictive but the lastability of the appeal is doubtful.' KATI ... 54%

Graphics: small characters on a simple and colourless background
Sound: simple spot effects
General Rating: A simple start for Zeppelin Games.


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Derek Brewster's revenge.