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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

Together for the first time - 2 classic games from Don Priestly, the chap who features in Dr B's Clinic almost as frequently as Dr B. Based around the excellent (but now extinct - sob!) TV series, both games sport the famous, huge and colourful Priestly piccies. In Trapdoor you, as Berk, have to prepare a variety of disgusting meals for your beastly employer, "I'm Upstairs", with the help of the objects scattered around the dank castle (which looks a lot like the YS Shed, only bigger) and the creatures that lurk beneath (gulp!) the Trapdoor. These puzzles are more devious and mind-wrecking than the cryptic crossword version of an A-level History exam, and coupled with the welcome originality of the game, they reaffirm Trapdoor as one of the most downright spanky games ever.

Through The Trapdoor (nice title) sees Boni kidnapped and dragged Down Below, and Berk and Drutt jumping down to save him. Yep - more puzzles, although this time with a bit of arcade action thrown in as you have to dodge various nasties on your way to sort them out. Control both heroes individually (they'll need to co-operate to succeed) and firstly try to snatch a vital key from a batlike guardian. And that's as far as I got (ahem!). A splendid sequel - certain to promote hair-tearing.

Both games for £2.99 is a worthy investment for those long winter nights. The thinking man's barg!


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Oh Globbits! Boney appears to be in a spot of bother. And there's nobody to help him!