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ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


TRIAD is not an ancient oriental sect; it is a series of three games for the 48K Spectrum. The difference between this cassette and others of its kind is that all three games are included in one program and each of the games would sell separately if the manufacturer decided to do so.

The first game is as original in its title as it is addictive in its playability. It is called Snackman and, as you have probably guessed, you take the part of a little creature with a big mouth which cats its way around a maze while being pursued by a variety of ghosts.

The ghosts in Snackman are very intelligent and very fast. If you make one mistake you are dead.

The second game is Sub Track. We reviewed it last month as Amba Software has produced it separately so that 16K Spectrum owners can play it. It is a good ploy, as many people still have the 16K machine.

The third Triad game is a maze quest where you have to move a little man around the maze and pick up the treasure which has been strewn around the tunnels. The game is simple to play and is very addictive. There are various levels of maze and they range from the easy, with few obstacles in your way, to the complicated, with winding tunnels and invisible barriers.

Triad is priced at £9.50. It is available from Amba Software, Freepost, Cambridge CB3 7BR.

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