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Timedata Ltd
Not Known
Programming: BASIC
ZX Spectrum 16K

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13 (Supplement)
Chris Bourne

TT-S from Timedata is a collection of five programs for the 16K/48K Spectrum, designed to make life easier for programmers. It was written originally by Timedata programmers for their use.

GAMMA is 4,410 bytes of re-locatable code which give you an extra 10 keywords and also prevent you entering NEW or deleting a line accidentally. The extra keywords are AUTO, which generates line numbers automatically; RENUMBER; block DELETE; MOVE, FIND a string; TRACE on and off; FREE, the number of free bytes; VARIABLE dump; and HELP, which lists the new keywords.

To enter one of the new commands Symbol Shift and 0 are pressed to change to a T cursor, followed by the relevant key. The program can be used with a Microdrive.

SCREEN is a useful highres drawing program with all the usual commands, such as fill and text insertion, but excludes circle. UDG displays six UDGs in an enlarged 3 x 2 block. As you change them you can also see the real size display change.

TAPE is a standard tape head reader which gives details of the type of program, name, length and auto-run line number. RAM is a memory test program which tests each bit in each byte of user RAM, including the screen. The collection has something for everyone and is well worth buying.

Memory: 16K
Price: £7.95