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Pacific Software
Not Known
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls
Chris Bourne

This game's a real body snatcher - once it's got a hold on you it'll be difficult to throw it off.

It is night in an abandoned amusement park when an alien spaceship crash lands. But instead of dashing around on the dodgems and whirling on the Waltzer, these aliens have a much more sinister aim. They gradually take over the surrounding neighbourhood, kidnapping all the inhabitants. Now, controlling them is a central brain (sounds a bit like YS - we couldn't afford one each. Ed) and it's your task to destroy it. At least it makes a change from most other adventure games where it's usually my brain that gets destroyed. Watch out too for a wandering hermit called Herman who'll occasionally lend a helping hand if you get into a spot of bother.

Although Funhouse was written with The Quill, UDGs have been used to produce simple graphics and there's a rather natty semi-script redefined character set. If I have a gripe, it's more with the version of The Quill that was used than with the game itself. After a while the messages that appear between commands become very tedious - I don't want to keep reading 'I await your command' every other go. (I have enough of that at work every day!) The latest version of The Quill allows you to redefine all these messages.

Putting gripes aside, Funhouse is an excellent game and at this price it has to be a good buy.

Not Rated

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Smother mouldy, green bap with mouldy, green mustard and throw at mouldy old vendor! (Tee-hee!)