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Activision Inc
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes

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Pete Shaw
Chris Bourne

Held every 0.00002 of a galactic revolution, the Galactic Games are the universe's most bizarre yet challenging of sporting events.

For instance, how are you at the 100m slither where you have to control the amount of slime you expire to the precise dollop if you want to finish the race without exploding? And that's before you even think of winning!

In Space Hockey you and your opponent battle to push the puck into the black holes at either end of the play area. Simple enough, but your puck is actually a living object as well, so obviously it does it's fair best to stay alive! Also bear in mind that since the goal areas are black holes you may find your good self going for an early bath too.

Head Throwing is always good for a giggle. First of all both players make a mad run for the throwing line, as the faster they run the further the throw. At the line, the action of pressing fire rotates the player's head from the horizontal to the vertical You need to release the fire button when your head reaches about 45' to get maximum lift. But that's not all. Once your head is in flight, waggling your ears can also give you prolonged lift!

The longest of the events, the Metamorph Marathon takes all your stamina, plus shapes (!) to complete. In each stretch of the course you have to change your shape into a Runner, Burrower, Jumper or Flyer.

The only disappointing event in the games is the Psychic Judo, or maybe this is because I didn't get the joke? Each player belches psychic energy at each other in order to win. You can also store your opponents energy by putting up your shields as the bolt attacks.

The graphics in Galactic Games are pretty good, not da Vinci, 'tis true, but they're cartoony and fun. The sound ain't Jean Michel Jarre, but this game don't need that. It's got everything it needs to satisfy a games player with a sense of humour.

A damn good Hypersports parody, with enough decent programming to make it better than Decathlon!