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Strategy: War
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Gwyn Hughes
Chris Bourne

You read about it in history... You saw the film... Now play the computer game! All the excitement of First World War combat as you command troops around the mountains and beaches of the Dardanelles.

One to three players try to avoid the defeat that befell the real British and Anzac generals. This is a battle for territory (much like American football!), so you need to watch your position carefully. Try to fight from a higher vantage point and just dig the way so you can build trenches. But beware of the tunnelling squads who burrow within inches of your dug-out with a charge of explosives then... CRASH!

No, I don't mean, CRASH... explosion. I mean, CRASH... programming disaster, as you're dumped back to (unprotected) Basic. Never in the field of military simulations has so little been offered to so many. It's entirely accurate though. The campaign was fought in Turkey - this game is a turkey. A grenade goes off; the program bombs. The campaign is a disaster... by now you probably get the point!

Resting from this all-out attack on impotence for a moment, I can only regret the grave waste of the young innocents, those who'll buy this program. They may never buy another wargame, believing this to be representative, and it isn't. In fact, it's a long time since we've seen such a primitive addition to the genre.

Sound the last post also for the great ideas in the game's design, such as its large, scrolling battle field and cursor control. There's even an optional test of reactions in the 128K version, which uses your skill as a sharpshooter to calculate combat modifiers. But all of this goes to waste because the program itself doesn't work. CCS deserves a kick in the Dardanelles for putting out such shoddy product!