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Dinamic Software
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Rachael Smith
Chris Bourne

When a megalomaniac tyrant queen threatens the galaxy there's only one person who can help... Rachael Smith.

What? Game over! You cannot be serious. Okay, some games are so tough you never make it past the first level, but when even the loading screen carries that fateful message... Well, they reckoned without the might of Rachael, who has right on her side.

Actually, some of you may prefer not to get past the loading screen as it features the same Amazonian tottie in the skintight bikini who's had you slobbering all over the advertisements recently.

But don't get too enamoured with Queen Gremla, because she's the sort of gal who doesn't just give a guy a hard time... she's got it in for whole galaxies. So quit drooling and get your hands onto your joystick - it's time to save the world.

To be honest, the plot's unlikely to win any awards for originality. It's Green Bert in another galaxy as you run along, leaping levels and shooting anything and everything that approaches. But when it comes to play balance, Game Over wins hands down.

That's not to say that it's easy. The aliens, pretty as they are, come thick and fast, and whenever you think you've mastered them there's something nasty lurking on the next screen, such as a great green giant who bounces around like a manic spacehopper!

As well as the flying meanies there are floating platforms to help you cross chasms, unless you want to kiss the canyon floor. And there are red drums for when you feel like a bang but are running low on ammo. Beware though - those arsenals may contain other, less useful supplies!

Finally, when you've run the gauntlet of the 20 screens which make up Hypsis, taking you from the depths of the dungeons to a waiting spaceship, you have to load more data and set off on a further chase and shoot session in the forests and palace of Sckunn.

Gremla has done all she can to make life difficult for you - not to say short. She's even carpeted her palace with a mine field. Luckily your hero, Arkos, is a sprightly little sprite.

Perfect in every tiny detail, as far I can tell, (the Spectrum's resolution wouldn't let me get really intimate) he can run, jump and crouch, and the animation has to be seen to be believed.

He's provided with a choice of weapons, and you'll need to suss out the best way to use them against the enemy if you're even going to reach the half-way point. In part one Arkos has a rifle with unlimited firepower, plus a supply of grenades which come in useful for dealing with mobs or some of the bigger monsters.

Part two sees him supplied with a giant laser which wastes everything that gets in its way but only has twenty-five shots. Again its useful to hold it in reserve for special circumstances, such as the final mega-challenge which involves the almost invulnerable Laser-Shooter.

After all that you may feel you deserve a rest. Tough! Because if I kill Gremla first I know what I'm going to do. I'm stepping into her shoes even before the 'Tyrant wanted' card appears in the Job Centre!


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GetHip to Hypsis

Hypsis introduces all the major features of Game Over in an economical twenty screens. We've chose three to pinpoint the perils ahead.

The first platforms float into your life on the third screen, so you'll just have to take one of your lives into your hands and leap. Remember to blast the drum on the ledge first, just in case it contains something useful... but be warned, because a bomb on the edge could prove impossibly impassable.

Hi, big boy - glad to see me? Looks something like the Ed but this jolly green giant is twice as bouncy, and ten times as brutal. Too big to stick in the monster box so we've given him a screen to himself. Stick forty shots on Orko to proceed - grenades help. When he's dead you'll reincarnate here, on screen 11

Almost done, but there are some problems with these platforms. You have to time this very carefully, because the lifts tend to dip into the water which can wash away a life. Leap off the furthest edge of the second platform if you're to hit terra firma... or should that be terror firma as another shock awaits!

Cleaning up Scum on Sckunn

Thought that was hard? Well stay away from Skunn - it could give you a bad scare unless you've absorbed the info below...

A stroll in the forest ain't all it's cracked up to be... particularly with the killer kangas on th rebound! Use the high level to cross the lake and watch where you're treading, because even the puddles will splash you back to the start.

The palace is packed with lifts to make light work of gliding between levels, but don't tread on the red domes. They're mines (No, they're mines. Gremia) so prepare to hurdle! Make good use of your crouch facility while waiting for an elevator and shoot as you ascend to avoid any stray shots.

Now how in hell did I get here? It's a closely guarded secret how to reach this closely guarded mound, but shooting up an innocent statue could pay dividends. Now you'll need the force field to reach the final stage... but only if you can work out where to take it.

128 Version

Game Over will contain an enhanced 128K version on its B side, but as we were only able to see the standard game, all our marks are based on that.

Finders Keepers

Shoot the drums in part one to find out what lies inside. Here's our easy I-spy guide!

Grenades - restock so you can give the big guys a shock.

Pow-Up - gives you better blasting and more destructive grenades.

Field of Force - protects against collision and shots for a limited period, so move when you're shimmering from its effect.

Energy Heart - floats off like one of those helium balloons. Grab it and it boosts your power.

Mine - a nasty surprise that kills on contact. Jump it to survive.

Gremla's Goons

Shots from or collision with this gaggle of grotesques saps your strength. Here's a selection of the sadistic nasties.

Flying GUARDIAN ROBOTS appear in the prison and zoom at Arkos. Easy to kill but nasty if they touch you.

Troll-like GREEN MONSTERS sprout underfoot in the countryside. Blast them because a bump saps three points of strength.

At the end of part one, the GIANT ROBOTS hang around as a welcoming committee. Avoid contact at all costs and save some grenades - they take twenty hits each!

LEISER-FREISER's silly name could explain why these fireball hurlers have an attitude problem. It takes two hits to teach them a lesson.

You didn't think that we were going to show you the LASER SHOOTER in all it gory glory, did you? You'll have to persevere if you want to see the ultimate monstrosity, which has to be dissassembled by 75 shots before it's finally dead!