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Ocean Software Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Ocean's proud boast this month is that We Are The Champions (well they did gain your award for Best Software House 1987, so what do you expect?). I'm a bit confused, though. If Ocean are the champions then how come they only produced one (and that under their Imagine label) of the five games on their compilation of the same name. But don't say anything or you'll probably get beaten up, judging by the contents of We Are The Champions. The fabulous Renegade (whose sequel, Target Renegade, is reviewed elsewhere in this issue) appears alongside IK+ (that's the new version, which we smashed in the Christmas issue) and the controversial Barbarian (like Renegade, probably, also underrated). If that's not enough beat 'em up violence for you there's also Rampage, an arcade tie-in that, like its companion Super Sprint, sold surprisingly well. It may average at two pounds a game, but at least we can all remember what they're all about!

IK+ - 91% Issue 49
Renegade - 89% Issue 44
Rampage - 69% Issue 49
Barbarian - 85% Issue 41
Super Sprint - 58% Issue 46
cassette £6.99
+3 disk £12.99