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ZX Spectrum 48K
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Andy Ide
Chris Bourne

Hollywood, eh? Sunset Boulevard, Jimmy Stewart, sun, sand, surf and money... dream on 'til you can dream no more. Failing to acquire a one-way ticket to Los Angeles I popped out for some popcorn instead (microwave buttery flavour - mmm, lovely) and settled down to this nifty little package of last year's movie games. (Just in time for Christmas too.)

I can't believe there's anybody out there who hasn't already got a copy but there you go. Lots of levels, crisp mono graphics, and more blasting than you could reasonably ask for - it's even got an early version of Oceans now-traditional puzzle sub-game too. Playable and efficient, if slightly samey-looking now, and deserving of a big YS 8/10 when first released.
'90 Rating: 85

Ocean's other contribution scored well too - a Megagame no less. You're Batman and you've got to find the Joker, which you should be able to manage after two Robo-style warehouse shoot-'em-ups (with added Bat-rope swingy elements), a couple of less interesting driving sequences and the obligatory puzzle sub-game. Fast 'n' furious, the massive opening and closing platform beat-'em-ups are astounding.
'90 rating: 90

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
Reviewed at a stonking 92, the four levels of Indy remain remarkably faithful to the big screen - and very playable to boot! There's the chase along the roof of a train, various platform and ladders beat-'em-up bits (with puzzles), even an airship sequence, where the screen bobs up and down as if you're floating! Smooth gameplay, neat puzzles - if you're not a shoot-'em-up fiend this could be the highlight of the pack.
'90 Rating: 92

Ghostbusters II
Three fairly thin (though quite pretty) levels and a horrendous multiload make this the duffer of the pack. Each level is well put-together and quite different, but I cant really see you playing for long.
'90 rating: 70

I'm not too sure about the wisdom behind this package - just check out this months charts to see how well some of this lot are still doing on their own - but for the punters (especially those who've not yet bought Robo or Bats) it's undeniably good value. (Not as good as microwave buttery popcorn though.)

The biggest driving games yet (just about). A motley crew but much better than most compilations.


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A-ha, the loop-the-loop in Hard Drivin'. It's, er, a lot of fun (really).