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G.L. Griffin
Board Game
ZX Spectrum 48K

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13 (Supplement)
John Lambert
Chris Bourne

THIS EXCELLENT program is a simulation of the popular board game 'Cluedo'. It is, however, much more than just a simulation. Events, personalities and objects are multiplied so that far more logic and careful thought are needed to reveal all the vital information about the suspects and to solve the murder.

It resembles the kind of logic problems which appear in puzzle magazines, but, since you can question the computer repeatedly the less logically-minded will not be frustrated continually as they can gather as much information as they need, simply taking longer to solve the puzzle.

The mystery is different every time you play, with a random combination of the various elements and can be enjoyed equally by players of all skill levels.

Up to four people can compete to track the murderer. The only disadvantage is that the screen layout is very dull. Illustrations at relevant points would improve its appearance radically and would hold the attention of the players even longer.

John Lambert

Memory: 48K
Price: £2.99