Martech Games Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

Jerry Muir
Chris Bourne

Mastertronic's new Ricochet label, which aims to send oldies bouncing back, gets off the ground with Geoff Capes' Strongman, a sports simulation which was originally swamped in the marathon rush of Track 'n' Field variation. There's the obligatory wrist exercise at the start, but once you've allocated this body building to eight muscle areas you'll need rather more than an indestructible joystick.

Take the Truck Pull, where you have to chase the illuminated muscle with a cursor, like a manic Simon, to heave the flatbed across the line. Timing is the secret of other tests of strength, such as the Log Chop - a race against time to bring down the axe in the right place.

Sport simulations have a lasting appeal and at this price no fan of the game-type should be without Big Geoff.

Label: Ricochet
Author: Martech/Ian MacCardle
Price: £1.99
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: various
Reviewer: Jerry Muir

Re-release of one of the best joystick-jiggler simula- tions. You'll need brains as well as brawn.