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CP Software
Gambling: Games
ZX Spectrum 48K

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13 (Supplement)
Richard Price
Chris Bourne

IN GAMES of chance like dice, atmosphere can add excitement and tension. Rubbing the dice, calling on whatever weird gods you ciiitivate, cursing - all those contribute to the buzz.

On computers dice ends up more like a fruit machine. Yatzee from CP Software suffers inevitably from the problem. Each game consists of 13 turns, each of three throws. There are 13 scoring options and you must choose one of them each turn to get the best score from the dice which have been thrown. They include poker combinations, e.g. full house.

The instructions are clear and comprehensive and keyboard use is simple. Players can specify how many games they want to play or exit to the beginning if they wish.

The graphics are straightforward but the screen colours are a little stark, which begins to tell after half an hour's play. Although it is not the smash-hit type of program it could certainly be useful in informal or formal teaching sessions and will help children to grasp number concepts and matching.

Richard Price

Memory: 48K
Price: £5.95