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Dominic Wood
Arcade: Maze
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Passey, Matthew Uffindell
Chris Bourne

Good controls, joystick options and large, almost full-sized pacgraphics which are smooth too - YES, I'm telling the truth. This has the best character movement around the maze. It also includes some new features like invisible mazes. Tunnel and power pills are included but, alas, no fruit. Micromania don't seem to have attempted a direct copy version but have produced a fresh variant. Although I say that, I would like it to have the original features too, but once cannot have everything.

The first impression this version gave me was that it must be the best ghost gobbling game on the market - at the moment. The characters move smoothly and are well drawn, with the ghosts looking very much like the arcade equivalent. The star of the show looks very convincing as it gobbles its way continuously around the good-sized and well-planned maze. Several non- characteristics of the original arcade game crop up during play - no fruit for one, worst of all the ghosts give no indication when changing from edible to non-edible states after a power pill has been eaten. Being able to choose your own skill level also become unrealistic. One feature this version has that no other does is the invisible maze - just to make life a little more difficult. Both colour and sound have been put to good use, tunes adding a nice intro to each new-life screen. The keyboard is just right. A very good version, but it would be difficult choosing between this and the R & R version.