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US Gold Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes

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Alan Green
Chris Bourne

Whoooo! It's the boogie man and he's coming to get ya! (Are you absolutely sure there isn't something hiding under your bed?) For those who aren't scared of things going bump in the night (such as Nicko after eating vast quantities of disc before bo-bo time), read on...

You are the bravest of knights, Arthur, a mellow kind of choppy until his girlie gets captured (oh whoopeedo, another blinkin' girl's blouse - Ed). Whacking on the shiniest suit of armour in his wardrobe, he leaps to the rescue.

Problem is, he's got half of hell between him and his loved one: battling his way through five horrific levels he meets more zombies than ol' Wacko Jacko In the Thriller video!

Arthur sets out with lance in hand, across scrolling landscapes, pursued by particularly amorous ghosties, chased by the undead, and if he's especially unlucky, he might get grabbed by the ghoulies! (Cue high-pitched squeals -Ed)

Should he touch any of these nasties, his armour falls off, leaving the poor chap in his undies. Any contact after this initial embarrassment and our hero becomes a crumpled pile of bones.

Birthday suit aside, he's got a few tricks up his sleeve to deal with the menaces: firebombs to singe the suckers, axes to cleave craniums and daggers to stick to 'em. There's also handy things in the odd treasure chest, but these sometimes contain mad wizards who turn him into a duck. The scenery's beautifully drawn - ruined tunnels, a flying carpet scene, a cave made entirely of skeletons - as you approach the castle to rescue the princess.

My only gripe is it's really hard, and the way you're returned to the start of each level when you lose a life is bloomin' frustrating. Nonetheless, as well as having fab graphics and triff sound (especially on 128K), it's a compelling and addictive platform romp.

ALAN ... 85%